About James Sutter

meettheartistSome things you can’t teach. Passion is one of them and for James Sutter, the source of that passion is not just in  the metal and stone. It’s not just the feel of a well-worn tool or using a technique that few can master.

For James, the most important thing is the way that a unique and perfectly crafted piece can offer years of enjoyment, how many smiles can come from a single sparkling diamond, and how helping to mark the important times in people’s lives can make a craftsman’s passion incredibly worthwhile.

James learned his craft from his father John Sutter who started Sutters Jewelry in Northampton, MA in 1967. James grew up in the store and took to jewelry making at a very young age. He made his first piece at the age of seven after he and his father were at the local fair. James became captivated with a small metal dragon. Instead of purchasing the dragon for his son, John taught James how to make his own. James worked hard and made his first piece of jewelry, a small silver dragon which he still has today.

Through the years John passed his knowledge and skill down to his son. Eventually in 2001, the Northampton location closed. Shortly after that the Holyoke location opened and since 2004, James has been creating and selling his custom pieces while working on his own line of jewelry.

In March of 2014, James combined his passions of jewelry and education and began offering classes in jewelry making.  His shop is located in the Gateway City Arts building in the heart of historic Holyoke. Located in an beautiful old mill building, James offers classes and workshops in the art of jewelry making. He also meets clients privately via email or in person for custom pieces of jewelry.

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